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San Antonio

Activism Day Livestream

October 10th
10:30 AM - 5:30 PM CST

Speak up, speak out, take action! 

Combat performative activism by joining SA Activism Day, an event in conjunction with

National Activism Day!


Come together virtually to learn, discuss, and take action on the issues affecting our city and communities. We'll host grassroots organizations specialized to address San Antonio's needs. 

Join our webinar to keep activism alive amidst the pandemic. 


The Sessions

Menstrual Stigma
Hosted by Chhaupadi
11 - 12 pm CST

Educate yourself about global menstrual stigma, an issue that affects most people from all cultures! Learn how to take action against menstrual stigma and fight for a more inclusive society. 

Chhaupadi is a community organization based in Texas that provides free feminine hygiene products to women in need around the world in addition to education and advocacy related to women’s health issues.

Racial Justice
Hosted by the Texas Organizing Project
12 - 1 pm CST

Learn from a leading community organization about the policy and racial issues that affect San Antonio. Discover how you can become involved with the movement. 

The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) brings together Black and Latinx Texans to fight for real change by investing our time and energy in causes relevant to our communities. With a seasoned and committed organizing staff, TOP has already made a huge impact and is positioned to continue to grow.

Hosted by RAICES
1 - 2 pm CST

Learn about immigration issues in Texas, including the struggles of immigrant families, and how you can join the mission. 

RAICES promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees. With legal services, social programs, and an advocacy team focused on changing the narrative around immigration in this country, RAICES is operating on the national frontlines of the fight for immigration rights.

The COVID - 19 Pandemic
Hosted by Local Community & Health Leaders
2 - 3 pm CST
Untitled-design copy.png

Hear from our city's leaders about how the pandemic has uniquely affected San Antonio, and how you can help fight COVID-19. 


  • Krystal Kurtz, teacher from Basis San Antonio Shavano

  • Dr. Junda Woo, Medical Director at San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department

  • Frontline Foods, an organization supporting local restaurants while also feeding frontline workers

Environmental Sustainability
Hosted by Texas Campaign for the Environment
3 - 4 pm CST

Learn about Texas policy regarding ​the environment, climate change, and fossil fuels, and what you can do to help save our planet for future generations. 

Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) empowers Texans to fight pollution through sustained grassroots campaigns that shift corporal and governmental policy. 

Youth Activism
Hosted by the Junior States of America & Opt for Action
4 - 5 pm CST

Hear from leading student-run organizations about the importance of youth being involved with both politics and activism. Learn how you personally can create change – no matter how old you are! 

The Junior State of America (JSA) was created by and for young people and is a place where students build leadership skills, learn civil debate, and strengthen their engagement through volunteering and activism. 

Menstrual Product Drive 

In conjunction with our all-day webinar, we'll be hosting a city-wide menstrual product drive to garner awareness for menstrual stigma and provide products to women's shelters in need!

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Menstrual Drive
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