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Advocacy & Art Show

I don't believe in global warming_Magnus

Why Art?

Throughout history, art has been used to create change in so many different communities with so many different movements! In partnership with Inspiration Fine Arts, OFA is hosting a virtual art show to highlight the intersection of art and activism.

If you're an artist with a passion for a certain issue, take this opportunity to spread awareness and make a difference. There are no limits to the art form you can create. Examples can include:

  • Poetry (written or spoken)

  • Song

  • Paintings

  • Sculptures

  • Dance

  • Short films/videos

  • Short stories

  • Graphic designs

  • Acting

The Art Show

We'll highlight your art on our website, social media, and other virtual platforms! If you're interested in submitting art, fill out this interest form here and we'll contact you with more information! All art must be submitted by December 6th for consideration. 

Along with your art piece, you'll also submit a short video of a brief description of the issue you're highlighting and an explanation of your work of art. 

To incentivize artists, we're adding a competition component! An independent committee will review all pieces of art and select a winner. The committee will consider a handful of elements including (but not limited to) the chosen issue, how well the artist conveys their message, and what the piece says about the societal issue. We'll announce the prize closer to the submission deadline!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us!


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