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Advocacy & Art Show

About the Art Show

To bridge the gap between activism and art, this virtual art show is meant to convey messages through other positive mediums. Thank you to all of our participants, and we're excited to show off their work!

This art show was brought to you in collaboration with Opt for Action and Inspiration Fine Arts.

Disconnected by AC
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Do you really want to know what it's like

being alone? 

People hitting up my phone

But I never answer them

I am so disconnected but I'm plugged in

All of these lies I see feed my insecurity

But at night my screen is my only 


Freedom doesn't ring when you don't 

pick up the phone

1 billion people at my fingertips

But I've never felt so alone. 


Every Lady is a Princess by Eesha Ande
Every Lady is a Princess
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Women's Rights by Eesha Ande
Women's Rights

Every country, every state
Every person has his or her own fate
And not everything can be changed

We are all treated equals
At least that is what it says in the
Timelines and sequels
There is no power without the people
But are we all treated the same?

Are the people doing their work?
As all these hidden dangers lurk.
Are we being separated for being a lady or

a gentleman?
Will the people stand and do all they can?
Should gender be a huge separation?
As turmoil spreads through the nation?

If you know what is right
Then you know for sure that there are no equal rights
And will these wrong choices finally descend
No matter girls or boys, women or men
Or will this be the end of our own worlds
Are we being discriminated for being girls?

Every person has his or her own flaws
Every nation has their own laws
No matter what, do what is right
And help make equal women's rights!

The World is a Heart by Eesha Ande
The World is a Heart
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The Environment
The Environment by Melanie Fung
BA53FCA3-93AF-4B84-A154-8728A261E58D - M
Equality by Shriya Sen 
AECCEDBF-069F-48E9-A52C-8801F45FB9EA - S
"Speechless" Performed by Stephie Sam 
Raise Our Signs
Raise Our Signs by Thee Sim Ling 

we’re hideous yet hidden
our wheelchairs and walking aids are obvious but you’re oblivious
ramps are non-existent and elevators are forgotten
our minds are treasures but you dump them in the trash
teachers are never there and TikTok Autism Challenges are everywhere
our white canes and hearing aids are used but never understood
alt text is blank and video-captioning is empty space
our rare diseases are in the medical books but nobody cares a brook
information is scarce and illness is excuse
We need to roll on up and raise our signs
We need to show the world there needs to be a place
For us cripples and crazies and neurodivergents
We need to start the conversation and end the discrimination
We need to build the ramps and add the alt text
So everyone can have access
We need to conduct more diagnosis tests and prevent more police shootings
We need to raise our wages and give caregiver murderers deserving punishment
Because justice is our central pillar
We need to rewrite the narrative and rewrite the laws
We need to fight the fight for all
We’re hideous never hidden

Bubble by Veronic Valdez 

The ocean visits us in our dreams
Like an unforgettable treasure
Blue and vast and vibrant it seems
And perfect beyond measure

Yet our dreams leave out some features
To keep visions flawless in our mind
We seldom consider the creatures
Who are tormented by humankind

Our fairytales of the sea will be out of reach
Our fish drawings but a memory
Buried in pounds of sand on a beach
Or locked away in a treasury

Unless we pop our perfect bubble
And face the fire agleam
The vision of blue oceans free of trouble
Will be nothing but a dream

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