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Virtual Activism

“We rise by lifting others.” - Robert Ingersoll

COVID -19 Pandemic



Food Banks 

Volunteer your time or donate food or money to help homeless and low-income populations affected by COVID-19.

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Donate Blood

Due to COVID-19, fewer people are donating blood while the need for blood donations has only grown.

Support local businesses

Help small businesses by volunteering, spread word on social media, or buying gift cards and their products. 


Aid Senior Citizens

Support seniors by volunteering, writing letters, keeping them updated on COVID-19, and more!

Black Lives Matter Movement

Get informed

Educating yourself and others is the first step. Here are some links with article, book, and video recommendations and lesson plans for an in-depth understanding of the history of African American discrimination in the US, what the movement stands for, why it was created and more:


Support local and nationwide organizations tirelessly working to raise awareness and push for action regarding the movement. Here are a couple of websites that compiled different funds and organizations: 

Take  action

Being an activist means you turn your words into actions through taking an active initiative in society.  Do something with your knowledge and interest. Sign petitions, support protests, call your representatives or organize or join educating events/discussions, etc. Here are some ideas (this is some but definitely not all the things you can do partake in. Activism is limitless).

Crisis in Yemen

yemen crisis.jpg


Yemen deals with the world's worst humanitarian crisis, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Every dollar makes a difference.

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Women Empowerment

Support women during these trying times in a world that's already obstacle-filled on a regular basis

Find an activity through Live Your Dream that matches your activism style to help achieve gender equality. Everybody has their own way of making a difference. Find yours!

Find online events across the united states regarding female empowerment and women's' rights. Participate in discussions, workshops, and more to learn more and find opportunities to take action. 

Watch a UN + Google produced a video series of female activists around the world making a difference every day. Understand the struggles, the accomplishments, and get inspired to take action.

Join Empower Women, a globally renowned organization with thousands of members, to find like-minded activists to connect and collaborate with as well as unique opportunities to support women.

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