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Officer Applications

As we continue to grow and expand, we need more activists to help us take on this challenge!

If selected, you will be working with Anaya and Anika, and potentially chapter leaders, in order to make the organization team as effective and impactful as it can be.

If interested in this position, please fill out this form. From here, we will interview potential candidates and let you know the final decisions. Please be as detailed as possible!

Find more detailed descriptions of all positions below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here

Officer Backgrounds:

This position requires work and dedication.  You will be a leader of our team and aid in our expansion. 

Time Commitment: At least 2 hours a week. 


You also need to have EXTREMELY STRONG communication skills.  This means updating Anaya & Anika, effectively addressing questions you have, and being active in the slack.

You need to have STRONG organization skills. The most important thing is that everyone on the team knows what you’re doing.

Officer Rules & Responsibilities:

Director of Blogging
  • The OFA website will host a blog for any chapter members who want to write about issues that are important for them, spotlight their initiatives, discuss their impact, etc. 

  • The director of Blog will be required to manage the team of blog writers. Their responsibilities include:

    • Approving ideas of the blog.

    • Giving new bloggers permission to write on the blog.

    • Reading over blog posts

      • Quality > Quantity

      • Informative

      • Lots of pictures!

    • Help team navigate Wordpress / schedule blog posts accordingly

    • Coordinating with social media directors to promote the blog 

Director of Newsletters 
  • The Director of Newsletters will write a monthly newsletter that discusses chapters, initiatives, events, “how-to”s, etc.. Their responsibilities include:

    • Working with social media on marketing newsletter 

    • Finding activism/youth leaders to spotlight

    • Having strong communication 

Director of Partnerships 
  • The Director of Partnerships will coordinate all of our general partnerships to further our exposure and initiatives. Their responsibilities include:

    • Creating new forms of partnerships for OFA with organizations (nonprofits, other activist organizations, etc.)

    • Informing the Slack of partnerships

    • Thinking of different ideas for initiatives with other organizations

Director of Fundraising 
  • The Director of Fundraising will be in charge of all fundraising endeavors. Their responsibilities include: 

    • Brainstorming unique initiatives 

    • Communicating with chapter leaders to aid their fundraising 

    • Working with Anaya and Anika for approval and financials 


Chapter Officers
  • Chapter Officers will be in charge of communicating with chapter leaders. Their responsibilities include: 

    • Checking in every other week with chapters

    • Addressing any problems or questions chapters have 

    • Relaying information to Anika and Anaya 

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