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Pay Attention

Whether it’s the treatment of their bodies or the value of their life, women have been constantly mistreated under the patriarchy that has ruled for so long. Women are constantly targeted solely for their bodies. Women account for 71% of all human trafficking victims. An estimated 4.8 million people out of the 24.9 million trafficked people are forced into the commercial sex industry (Safe Horizon). These women are being put into the worst conditions, being used for profit worldwide. Additionally, femicides, killing women due to their gender, are one of the most common killings worldwide. Latin America is where femicide is the most common (Gender Equality Observatory). Other places like east Asia have high femicide rates. For example, “ a report by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), published in 2014, Hong Kong and Japan top the ranking — with women comprising 52.9% of the total homicide victims — followed by South Korea at 52.5%.” However, in East Asia, the victims of femicide are more likely to be killed by family members rather than strangers (Yenni Kwok- Time magazine). The rates of femicide are only increasing globally; yet, it’s constantly being overlooked and not treated as an important subject.

The abuse of women has been ingrained into our cultures (More than a magazine, a movement). When women are constantly treated like objects, it leads to victim-blaming, common rhetoric that feeds into rape culture. Many people also tend to think the woman was asking for what was done to her with questions like “Oh, what was she wearing? Why was she alone? Was she supposed to be out that late?” Instead of progressing to a better society and making it safer for women to live. Human trafficking, femicides, and abuse are all violations of fundamental human rights. Governments around the world have done the bare minimum in trying to help. What we can do to help stop these atrocities is to change our mindset altogether. We need to urge our governments as a people, so they can hear our cries for help; only then will change happen. As a society, we need to pay attention to women’s lives because only then will it be a safer place for women to live happy lives.

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